F R E E   S H I P P I N G   W O R L D W I D E 

A ring made with a 3 mm thick Ecosilver centre, surrounded by 2 mm thick, round Ecosilver. The centre-piece is mounted on a 3,5 mm wide, 0,8 mm thick Ecosilver band. The solid centre measures 1,7 cm from top to bottom, and 7 mm across its widest point. The round V-shaped Ecosilver wire surrounding it measures 2,2 cm from top to bottom and is 1,3 cm across its widest point.


N.B. As all products are individually hand-made, final measurements may vary slightly.


Materials: 100% Ecosilver (recycled Sterling silver 925)



All products at M of Copenhagen are handmade and made to order only. This means that every single purchase you make will be a custom made, uniquely handcrafted piece(s) specifically for You. Because everything is custom made as the orders come in, this also means that all products are expected to reach you within 7-14 business days depending on the volume of the order, my suppliers availabilty and your location. 

M of Copenhagen uses nickel free 925 silver made from Ecosilver, wich consists of 100% recycled grains of silver, that have been melted down and formed into new solid silver. Produced using a totally traceable fully audited process. Ecosilver has the same quality, working properties and content as its untouched origin Sterling Silver 925 (92,5% pure silver).

Silverclay - mouldable silverclay used in impressions. The end product is 99.9 % pure silver, also known as Fine silver 999.

M of Copenhagen is proud to announce that a set amount of 1 € will be donated to a charity for every order placed. This is a non-negotiable, non-deductable amount that will go directly to charity and is not subject to change due to discounts etc.