About Me

I was brought up in the countryside of southern Finland and was taught from a very young age to always respect nature and all its beings. The respect is so deeply rooted in my bones that it has become the integrity I am known for, both privately and as a designer.
Growing up in a very small island community, becoming a designer was something you could daydream about, but not necessarily become. However, at the young age of 10, I knew that I wanted to change the world with my creations and pursue a career as a designer, and decided not to let anything hold me back.
I graduated with a B.A. in Arts & Culture with emphasis on fashion and worked in the fashion industry in New York and London before stumbling across my true passion – crafting jewellery by hand. I realized that pursuing a career in jewellery making, where I can produce everything from start to finish, made more sense both ethically and environmentally for me to pursue. The notion of undoubtedly knowing what I am offering to my customer really resonated with me as a designer.
I founded M of Copenhagen shortly after moving to Denmark in 2015 and have kept designing and producing ever since. Today I am the sole designer and maker at M of Copenhagen, but I dream of having my own in-house team of goldsmiths producing alongside me in the near future, sharing my sustainable and mindful design with all the corners of the world.
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