The shop is currently closed but feel free to browse the collections. The shop will re-open for sales in summer / fall of 2017. 

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M of Copenhagen is an eco-conscious jewellery brand inspired by the boldness and bravery we all carry within, but so often cover up. I believe jewellery should empower you and give you confidence, so each design is crafted to add a touch of delicate boldness and luxury into your everyday life.
Stop holding back. Dare to be You.


"I find beauty in individuality and want to celebrate yours by making you something as truly individual as you are. That is why all jewellery at M of Copenhagen is individually handmade - one piece at a time, for each individual customer."

 - Marie Gade - 

Designer, maker and founder


M of Copenhagen is passionate about the environment and is founded on the idea of delivering jewellery by a rare, sustainable standard. Every aspect of my jewellery and its wrapping have been carefully handselected to spare Mother Nature as much as possible. I personally handmake every piece of jewellery specifically for its buyer from start to finish in my studio in Denmark. This allows each piece to bear its own unique characteristics and story, that sets it apart from all the others of the same design. 



I believe we all carry a responsibility to our planet, and to each other, to secure its existence and future prosperity. My jewellery is my contribution. I want to give something beautiful back to the world, and I want to do it without causing it unnecessary harm. I choose the harder right over the easier wrong because there is no planet B. I want you to be able to enjoy my jewellery with a clear conscience and pride in knowing that you helped support a greater cause by acting sustainbly.




PRODUCTION – All products are made-to-order only. This assures me that I am not overconsuming materials that I don’t need.

PACKAGING – All aspects of my products and their packaging are carefully hand selected according to their sustainability and I am constantly looking for ways to improve my contents. I have a strong No Plastic policy in my business, which means all the packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable.

METAL – My jewellery is never filled or plated, because I only use solid metals for all my work. If something says 925 Sterling silver, it’s 100% that and no suprises. I choose to work with silver and gold as my staple for their durability and longevity to look amazing for many years to come.

DESIGN – My aesthetic is a perfect mix between subtle and bold. I want my jewellery to be “the red lips” of your Monday. That perfect little detail that we so often seem to look for to complete our look. I don’t design according to trends, but instead I focus on making something that will be an evergreen in your jewellery collection  - even once it’s passed on to the next generation.

SLOW FASHION - All products are custom made as the orders come in, so that means the products are expected to reach you within 7-14 business days, depending on the volume of the order, my raw material supplier’s availability and your geographical location.  

In the summer of 2015, M of Copenhagen exhibited for the first time ever at The Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin, Germany. Thanks to our pure devotion to the environment, the brand was handpicked to exhibit in the show's most exclusive area; the Green Showroom.


At M of Copenhagen, you are no longer a passive consumer - instead you become a supporter and contributor to a greater cause that benefits all of us – helping mankind. M of Copenhagen is proud to announce that a set amount of each order will be donated to one of the charities listed below. This is a non-negotiable, non-deductible amount that will go directly to charity and is not subject to change due to discounts.  


REFUGE.ORG - Helping victims of domestic violence by housing them in a safe place.

ASTI.ORG  Acid Survivors Trust International - Helping to rehabilitate victims of acid and burn attacks

STOPTHETRAFFIK.ORG - Helping rehabilitate victims of human trafficking back to life. 





I am a 29-year old self-taught jewellery designer and silversmith with a background and a BA in Fashion Design (2011, Finland). My journey in jewellery making started in London, 2014, where I attended a beginners' class at the London Jewellery School to learn the basics of silversmithing, and discovered a hidden passion for working with metals. I soon realised I loved making jewellery far more than fashion, and that it made more sense not only ethically, but also environmentally for me to pursue it.

I was brought up in the countryside of southern Finland and was taught from a very young age to always respect nature and all its beings. The respect is so deeply rooted in my bones that it has always had a way of unconsciously showing in everything I make. M of Copenhagen pledges to always go the extra mile to ensure the highest quality and sustainability is present in all products and their packaging - so that you can shop here with a clear conscience.

I founded M of Copenhagen shortly after moving to Denmark in 2015 and have kept designing and producing ever since. I am currently taking a short break to care for my newborn son, but will be back at the bench later in 2017.


 To get to know me better, visit my personal page here.