Helping the modern woman invest in her own future by fighting climate change through made-to-order, ethically handmade jewellery

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M of Copenhagen specializes in handmaking jewellery from recycled precious metals for the game changers out there, who want to make a difference through their own consumption.


“I believe we all carry a responsibility to our planet, and to each other, to secure its existence and preserve its beauty. I want my jewellery to be my legacy and I would be honoured for it to be part of yours too.”

 - Marie Gade -

Founder, designer, maker

 I create jewellery for the modern leaders and game changers who are passionate about the environment and understand that the world needs their help in order to prosper. I want that clearly mirrored in my jewellery too. I create jewellery for those who dare to be themselves and who unapologetically want to challenge the status quo.

My clients have a clear understanding that we all carry a personal responsibility to protect and nurture our environment and they are ready to invest in their own future on this planet but aren’t sure how – this is where M of Copenhagen comes in. I create jewellery that allows my customers to donate to charity through their purchases. Each purchase donates 5€ to the charities I support.

My clients value the exclusivity of owning good quality, meaningful and handcrafted jewellery whose work continues long after it has been forged and shipped to them. These are the leaders of tomorrow, who make a difference in our world and wear their jewellery with grace and pride – knowing they made a difference. You can too.



Climate change as a clear result of fast and cheap fashion is a very real threat to our common future – not just individual countries, and we need to accept common responsibility for our actions. I believe most of us love helping as a second nature, but knowing how is not always easy. We all want to contribute but don’t know where to start.

I understand that my clients’ main concern in this day and age is finding products worth their hard earned money. Products that will last more than one season and won’t break or discolour their skin after one use. They are exhausted of navigating the jewellery jungle only to find it is all a game of hit and miss, and that creates a worry that you are more often than not, not getting your money’s worth.

In a world that revolves around profit, speed and volume – I want to slow things down and get back to basics. The focus of M of Copenhagen is not speed and volume, but rather to let a piece of jewellery be born, not just made. Crafting jewellery by hand is a time consuming art form that is most appreciated by those who value time spent to achieve rare, individually made luxuries with meaning and purpose.

M of Copenhagen is the product of years of research and an eternal personal quest to be as sustainable and mindful in my decisions as possible. Made using sustainably derived precious metals, handmade with love and wrapped in 100% recyclable packaging, my sustainable jewellery is created to last you a lifetime. Each purchase also donates a portion of its value to one of three charities I believe in helping.



My passion for the natural is strongly mirrored in my jewellery. I predominantly work with ECOSILVER* and ECOGOLD** in my collections, combining them with the finest NATURAL beads such as Onyx, Hematite, Obsidian, Pearls and Howlite. You will never find plastics or any other artificial elements in my work. It must always be naturally derived.

I only use solid metals for my work, meaning my jewellery is never filled or plated. To read more about filled and plated, you can download a free resource here. If one of my pieces is described as 925 Sterling silver, it’s 100% that and no surprises. I choose to work with silver and gold as my staple for their durability and longevity to look amazing for many years to come.

*Made entirely from recycled silver remnants

**Made entirely from recycled gold remnants




To minimize the environmental impact of my business, all of my jewellery is made to order only – ensuring only what is wanted is made and waste can be kept to a minimum. All the materials I use have been sourced for their environmental impact, which is an ongoing process to constantly improve as science evolves.



I want to restore the deeper meaning behind traditionally crafted jewellery, and honour both the craft and my clients by perfecting every last stroke by hand. I believe jewellery should have value and meaning to its owner, so I create with the intention of keeping and stay mindful of my design aesthetic to ensure its diversity to match every outfit in your closet. By keeping production local and made by these two happy hands, I can proudly say that I know what my products are made of and how.

Investing in a piece of my jewellery is not only an investment in keeping the art of traditional craftsmanship alive and caring for the environment whilst doing so, but most importantly it is an investment in You. I pride myself in taking time to handmake each piece for my clients, because I believe the unique characteristics created in that process only adds value. Making each piece by hand creates a bond between the maker and the product, and being able to see the indentations made by the designer lets you know that a person made that – not a machine. You instantly feel connected to the two hands who made it for you, and start to value the hours that went into perfecting every last detail.



I personally handmake every piece of jewellery specifically for its buyer from start to finish in my studio in Denmark. This allows each piece to bear its own unique characteristics and story, which sets it apart from all the others of the same design. 

Every indentation, every stroke, every cut is specific to your piece and cannot be repeated. I find beauty in individuality and want to celebrate yours by making you something just as individual and unique as you are.



M of Copenhagen is a brand for the planet and the people on it, and founded on the pillars of my own eternal quest to be as mindful and sustainable in my decisions as possible. This means choosing the harder right over the cheaper and easier wrong without compromising on integrity, quality or authenticity.

I believe jewellery should have value and meaning to its owner, so I create with the intention of keeping and stay mindful of my design aesthetic to ensure its diversity to match every outfit in your closet. My work is made with a distinct yet timeless aesthetic to last you a lifetime. I defy trends with timeless beauty and aesthetic wisdom, thus ensuring its rightful heirloom status. Buy with your heart and surround yourself with things of value and a story that means something and you will see how attached you will grow to them.



Pick your design:

At M of Copenhagen you pick your design out of my collections, order it and I get to work. I handmake each piece with my own two happy hands, staying fully in charge of all processes and working conditions and thus eliminating the chance of child labour and unethical working condtions ever taking place in the creation of my jewellery. I create all jewellery from scratch, predominantly using recycled precious metals combined with 100% natural stones such as onyx, howlite and conflict-free diamonds. Your order is packed using 100% natural and are so clean you can throw your wrapping into an open fire after use with a clear conscience.


Your purchase automatically donates 5€ to three charities I firmly believe will help bring change to our climate.


I ship your jewellery using a carbon footprint aware shipping service straight to your door to be signed for. Your jewellery is expected to reach you within 7-14 business days depending on your location.

Exchange or return within 14 days:

Although all my jewellery is made-to-order only, the standard consumer return policy is still valid and you can return your jewellery within 14 days from the day of receipt. See full returns policy here


M of Copenhagen commits to the following:

  • No child labour
  • Ethical working conditions, wages and safety measures assured
  • Sustainable materials: 100% natural origin
  • Exchange or return within 14 days
  • Natural materials only – no plastic policy
  • Highest quality natural raw materials, predominantly recycled sterling silver and 9ct recycled gold.




  • Peace of mind knowing you are making a difference
  • A symbol of your contribution to making the planet a better, cleaner place for all of us and for generations to come.
  • A handmade piece of jewellery made just for you


Get a bespoke piece of jewellery to wear as a symbol of your own greatness and the fact that you have a voice and a say in what happens to your future. Get peace of mind knowing you used that voice to make a difference and cast your vote for a cleaner future by ordering your handmade piece of jewellery online here.


Use your voice today and become the game changer you were born to be


Without a common effort the sea levels will keep rising, and animal species we know and love will perish as a straight result of us exploiting their natural habitats for our own personal gain. One-third of the world’s coral reefs have died and another third are expected to perish by 2030. Without a common effort, there will be less of a future for all of us to look forward to.

The planet is the responsibility of us all and nothing can improve unless we change our way of living. Nobody can do everything but we can all do something. The feeling of not doing enough can stop here.

You can start changing the world today by shopping now.

So many people in the world do not have a voice and just have to face daily challenges as a result of the first world countries’ vices. Without our common contribution to stop climate change and fast fashion, their and ultimately our conditions will not improve. Use your voice today and become the game changer you were born to be.

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