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Hey all you lovelies out there!

It's a new week and very grey where I am sitting, but the mood is still cheerful cause we're on V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N ! Whoop, Whoop!

This is the first time ever that me and my husband are off for 3 whole weeks together. He just graduated and is now a full-blown bike mechanic and I couldn't be prouder of him for following his dream (it's never too late to start over). He is one of those amazing stories you read about, where someone explains how they simply got tired of the corporate world, cubicles and gossip by the water cooler, and decided they just really wanted to work with their hands and create something more substantial and meaningful that actually puts a smile on peoples faces, instead of punching the keyboard from 8-16. I admire him. I want to be like him when I grow up, hehe.  Living in Denmark, a place which has as many bikes as inhabitants (I'm sure), we couldn't have landed in a better place for him to pursue his dreams and for me to run my jewellery business.

Anyway, enough about us :) I thought I'd share some useful tips and tricks in this blog, and wanted to highlight the guides I have on my website if you haven't already checked them out. I have 3 different ones on there and they are all created to help You as a consumer to make informed decisions when shopping for jewellery - both online and in brick and mortar. In them you'll find answers to what I feel are the most frequently asked questions from consumers, and questions I always ask myself too before making an investment in jewellery.

You can either see them all here

or go directly to them individually here:

How to accessorize Your face shape

5 things to consider before buying jewellery

Undertone guide - What colours do you look best in?


Simply type in your email address and first name and they'll shoot straight into your inbox. Easy Peasy :)


Enjoy your Monday, wherever you are! We are off to test some of the local delicacies.


xx Marie 


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